Tuesday, 22 November 2011

So you've got an idea and want to set up an organisation, project or social enterprise, what next? Writing the two/three page summary!

Recently, I decided that I wanted to set up a new social enterprise; after having an idea, I'd spoken to a few people about it informally, I'd got feedback and I decided to take the plunge. What next? I wrote a three page summary; why? I wanted to crystalise the thoughts in my head and write the concept on paper, I wanted to enable more constructive feedback and also I wanted to promote the idea more effectively to enable me to raise funding for a develoment phase. Here's what my two page summary included:
  1. Introduction: A brief summary of what you are wanting to do and why it needs doing;
  2. Description of the Problem: A couple of paragraphs (with some bullet points) outlining the problem you are wanting to help solve and why it needs to be solved;
  3. Proposed Solution: Describe what you are wanting to create, what you want it to achieve, why you think it will work and who you are working with; 
  4. What's needed to take the idea further: Outline the team roles that you would like to recruit, the next steps you want to take and the time this will take you (e.g. 3-6 months);
  5. Cost: Include a budget outlining the costs for either a pilot or a development phase (depending on what your idea needs);
  6. What this will achieve: Outline what you will have achieved in the time phase stated in Section 4 above.
 Hope this helps, is there anything you would add?

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