Monday, 30 July 2012

Breaking News: AchieveGood's Social & Impact Investment Work joins forces with Bertrand Beghin to become Numbers4Good

Last week, AchieveGood merged its Social & Impact Investment Activity into a new organisation called Numbers4GoodAchieveGood will continue as a social innovation consultancy, supporting others in innovating to tackle social problems. Numbers4Good will be co-led by me and social investment expert Bertrand Beghin. I have come to know Bertrand well over the last 18 months and have worked with him on a couple of projects. I'm excited by the potential of us working together more and creating financial products that do social good!

Bertrand is a former Director at Deutsche Bank, who has been using his skills to support many charities and social enterprises with their investment strategies for a number of years. Numbers4Good's work will include:
  • The Bond for Hope: We're working with our friend, and youth employment and volunteering expert, Mary Jane Edwards and other partners to create a Youth Employment Bond that has been set up as a new Company Limited by Guarantee, The Bond for Hope Limited. Our design phase was recently funded by Big Lottery FundThe bond would help fund jobs in growing industries (such as the Creative and Technology Sectors) with training, mentoring and networking opportunities for the individuals concerned; enabling a return by tapping into UK Government payments such as the Work Programme, Youth Contract and Apprenticeships. Crucially the jobs created by the bond would be targeted at growth industries that can offer sustainable jobs. More about this in the next few weeks!
  • International Development Financing (Mutual Capitalism): We are developing financial products to enable global financial markets to fund sustainable development in the Developing World. Under the banner of Mutual Capitalism, we are designing financial products an innovative model of ownership that seeks to combine the advantages of employee and stakeholder ownership – long term commitment, community buy-in and sustainability in the business model – with the benefits of access to capital – growth, efficiency and scrutiny. It is called Mutual Capitalism because it aims to be mutually beneficial to capital markets and locally owned employees and communities; and combine the models of mutual ownership and capitalism.
  • Education: Numbers4Good is exploring a few potential social investment opportunities in the education space to enable new money to tackle educational disadvantage; this includes looking at sustainable school building in deprived areas and financing outstanding school charities to share their services with existing schools.
  • Health (Restorative Redress): The NHS spends nearly £1 billion a year on litigation. Restorative Redress aims to work alongside the NHS Litigation Authorities (NHSLA) to build a system that, for specific cases of litigation, would offer a process of reconciliation between a victim/family of a victim and a hospital trust as an alternative to legal proceedings. RR will offer those patients and families who wish to participate in new ways to find redress via mediations & discussions with their clinicians, focusing on compassion, mutual understanding and learning. These discussions will be facilitated by trained staff via a process that mixes on-line and face-to-face encounters. The result would not prohibit the victim/family of the victim from returning to a legal proceeding but if avoided, would hope to substantially reduce the costs of litigation cases, therefore reducing the overall NHS litigation budget.

We're both looking forward to it! If you want to learn more, do email